Stories or Enmoku


Daija, Great serpent

Daija, Great serpent, popular episode or enmoku in Japanese

Stories or episodes(Enmoku)

They perform more than 60 different stories, episodes or repertoire called Enmoku, each lasting 30 to 60 minutes. Most stories come from Japanese ancient myths called the Kojiki(Record of Ancient Matters, 712AD) and the Nihonshoki(Chronicles of Japan, 720AD) written in the eighth century.

Some favorite titles of story or episode are:

1.      Yamata-no-Orochi (Story against giant evil serpent)

2.      Shoki(Story of Chinese hero called Shoki)

3.      Ebisu(Comic story of the trade and fishing god)

4.      Jinrin((Story of the disturbing evil in Kyushu area)

5.      Kurozuka(Story of the evil fox in Nasu-highland))

6.      Oe-yama(Story of the evils lived in Ohe-yama near Kyoto)

7.      Momiji-gari

8.      Tenjin(Story of Michizane, his spirit conquers his past enemies)

9.      Iwato(Story of the heavenly cave)

10. Goshin(Story of good harvests)

11. Kakko(Story of transforming woman spirit)

12. Hitomaro(Story of Kakinomoto-Hitomaro, the famous poet of the anthology of myriad)