Groups or Shachu


Group, shachu in Japanese

Group, Shachu


There are more than 100 performing groups in the areas of Iwami district and in the neighboring areas of Hiroshima prefecture which have slightly different styles and interpretations of the heroic stories of ancient myths.

Each group consists of 15 to 30 members of local villagers and town people from men and young women of various professions such as rice growing farmers, fishermen, salary men, store keepers and truck drivers. Some group has a youth section consisting of kindergarten children to high school students.

Groups could be divided into two major categories: 8-Choshi, fast drum-beat rhythm or tempo music, and 6-Choshi, slow but traditional drum-beat rhythm or tempo music.

Some groups specialize in certain favorite episodes to attract local audiences and to display their specific skills in Iwami-Kagura performances.

With the financial sponsorship of local people and tour performance records, some groups spend money on very expensive costumes which cost more than $20,000.