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In recent years, several overseas performances have been held in Korea, China, the United States and India as a part of various cultural exchange programs of Japan.


Performance in India, Jan. 2008





The great expedition to India in Dec. 2012 was successfully ended

In fact, Iwami-Kagura was performed three times during the Japan-India Friendship year in 2007 at Mumbai and Chennai. They were well accepted by many enthusiastic audiences with standing ovations and calling for an anchor. It was overwhelmed and indescribable positive responses at all stages.

Based on this precious experience and acceptance by Indian people, we have planned the Iwami-kagura performance tour to New Delhi, capital city, and Chennai, major southern city.


Iwamikagura was performed at the Al-Janadriyah National Festival in Saudi Arabia.

 Two groups from Hamada and Masuda areas attended this important ceremony of the 26th Janadriyah National Festival for Heritage and Culture in Saudi Arabia from April 13 to 30.
Japan is the guest country for Saudi Arabia this time and Iwamikagura is a part of Japanese cultural missions for this festival.
The overview can be seen at the Nishimura-Chachu HP in Japanese and you can gest more detailed information at Saudi Arabia HP.


Overseas performances in India: India performances in Mumbai(January 21, 22 2008), and in Chennai(January 24, 2008)